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I have been to Spirit’s Whisper Ranch numerous times over the last few years for retreats and day trips.


There is a magic there and with the herd, nothing is more powerful than a 1800lbs horse nuzzling up against you and following you around like a puppy dog.


All my symptoms melt away there and I am at peace.

A cop with PTSD and a facilitator with London Project Trauma Support Group

~ Steve Stokan ~

“Welcoming, breathtaking, heartwarming, relaxing,

peaceful, amazing"

~ These words describe my feelings after visiting the ranch for my very first time.

Looking forward to my next visit to be able to experience it all again, to see Kristi and her herd of beautiful horses.


If you have the opportunity to visit this amazing ranch, I highly recommend you go, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

~ Netty ~

Words can't begin to say how Thankful I am to have met Kristi a few years ago from my wife's friend.


The first drive to Spirit's Whisper Ranch is forever in my memory as this was a tough time for me while I was struggling with this injury of PTSD I was so raw and vulnerable.


The magic of driving up the laneway to the ranch and Kristi's warmth and kindness was so welcoming on the first day.


I have been back several times to soak in the beauty of the farm and the healing energy from the horses. The ranch truly is a magical place!!

1st Responder

~ Kevin ~

I work with youth involved in the justice system and my agency was lucky enough to secure funding for our hardest-to-serve youth to have both individual sessions with Kristi and the herd as well as three week-long day camps over two summers.


I have been able to introduce the ranch to a variety of people (including fellow service providers and police officers, family members, and agency volunteers) and I always state there is something magical about the place. Not having any experience with horses beforehand, it was quite intimidating driving to the ranch; however, upon meeting Kristi and seeing the herd the anxiety quickly diminished. This was a common theme among our clients – they universally indicated a sense of calm and relief after a session at the ranch, many falling asleep on the drive back home. This despite being in a fairly constant state of stress and anxiety in their otherwise chaotic lives. I will end with a quote from a 16-year old male who connected with the herd and visited the ranch over two summers:


“I found the horses helped relieve stress and allowed me to appreciate the greater things

in life and to learn to satisfy my own passions. It was just an amazing experience.

I loved every second I was with the herd.”

Program Supervisor, Community Options for Justice ~ Oxford County

~ Rory Offen ~

Mar 28, 2021

Cassandra Nadalin

Life Coach

Where do I begin? As I was preparing to facilitate and participate in a group Detox program through my coaching business, I was allowing myself to consider how I would stretch myself in that container as I always try to do something new. Suddenly, I recalled that I had always wanted to experience horse therapy. Having attended an event at Sprit’s Whisper Ranch quite some time ago, I recalled being taken with the feel of Spirit’s presence there and knew that this was where I was destined to experience the magic of what I didn’t know at the time was Kristi Rockley and “The Herd.” Kristi patiently listened to me tell my story and kept letting me know how much she resonated with me and my story. There were so many synchronicities between us, I knew that my meeting her was divine intervention. As I talked, I observed Herc coming closer and closer to the door inside the arena where we would later enter to be with The Herd. Kristi then led me through a guided body scan, and I heard the word “Direction.” This made perfect sense for where I was at on that day and at that time in my life. The emotion coursed through my body and release came through my tears. When I opened my eyes, there were 4 horses waiting for me outside the door. I could feel the magnetic pull of our hearts. While being with The Herd, I worked through some personal fears around rejection, which I didn’t even know was within me. By the end, I could almost hear them say on their exit, “Girl, you don’t need us anymore . . . you’ve got this. Now go do your thing!”I invested in 3 sessions at the get-go and a couple days later wondered if I had needed to do that. But guess what, I can feel The Herd as part of my team of Healers and I know already that the time will come when I will call upon them again. I also had such a strong sense of release there that I have integrated this experience into my Coaching programs for my clients. After sending a client for her first experience, she was equally blown away.I would strongly suggest this modality of healing and highly recommend Kristi and The Herd. They are amazing!

Mar 12, 2021


I had the most wonderful afternoon at your ranch and left feeling so refreshed and much more balanced in my being. I will definitely be back to visit with the herd.

Feb 21, 2021

K. Thornton

Police Civilian - PTSD Survivor

Spirit Whisper Ranch is a place that I have been to several times over the last couples years and I find it to be a peaceful and magical place. Spending time with the herd of horses, just brushing and petting each of them and gaining the trust of these huge animals is an amazing feeling. I was fortunate enough to spend the night on the farm waking up to one of the horses watching me sleep on the couch through the large window. I felt like he was just watching over me. The herd of horses are just full of love and brings you a sense of calm.

Feb 19, 2021


Police Officer

I had the opportunity to first attend Spirit's Whisper Ranch a couple years ago. I was suffering quite severely from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and naturally was open to new opportunities to learn and grow as I continued through my journey. I found Kristi and her herd to give me a sense of reassurance and calmness that I had not felt in very long time. I have since gone out to the ranch numerous times to spend time with Kristi and the herd. The atmosphere, sense of belonging and compassion from Kristi is truly amazing. She is an amazing and very wise resource to lean on when needed most. I recommend this place to anyone whether they are suffering in silence or not. It is truly an experience you will not forget.

Feb 17, 2021


police officer, healing from PTSD

Spirit's Whisper Ranch is a beautiful property that immediately creates a feeling of calm and peace. I have attended several group events as well as on my own to interact with the horses. The gentle giants provide a warm hug and non-judgmental ear to listen. The area has walking trails and acres of green to connect with nature. I hate to leave but when I do, I leave with a sense of peace and happiness. I highly recommend this place to restore you.

Feb 18, 2021

Taylor Tapsell

I love spending time at Spirit Whisper Ranch. Kristi is so kind and welcomes anyone who comes out to the farm with open arms. There truly is something magical about spending time with her herd.

Feb 18, 2021


911 operator/dispatch

My first visit out to Spirits Whisper Ranch was after only a handful of exposure to horses. It didn't take long before one of the more senior members of the herd walked up to me, she was a beautiful black horse. It was a strangely comforting energy from that horse. The ranch has a calming effect about it. I wandered out to the pasture and sat against a wooden post and was just there. Nothing else mattered at that moment. What a beautiful place!

Feb 17, 2021


Former Firefighter

A sense of calm comes over me every time I am on the grounds of Spirts Whisper Ranch. You can feel the warmth of the place as soon as you arrive. I was initially nervous about being so close to a horse, however Kristi gave me the confidence I needed to engage with the herd, and I left wishing I had one.

Feb 18, 2021


Critical Care Paramedic. PTSD survivor

I have been to Spirit's Whisper Ranch several times and without exception have left with peace of mind and a calm and relaxed disposition. The blending of traditional concepts of grounding and meditation combined with the inclusion of her wonderful herd of horses makes for a one of a kind experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spirit's Whisper Ranch.

Feb 18, 2021

Rafiq Bhabha

I have been a cop for 29 years and have PTSD. No matter how much I am struggling on a given day, being at Spirit Whisper Ranch amongst the horses has a way of making everything seem okay. It is such calming place that I have brought my wife and daughter in different occasions to this sanctuary.

Feb 17, 2021

Paul Taylor

40 years Emergency Services

Spirits Whisper Ranch which I've attended over my years battling PTSD has definitely changed my outlook and saved my life. The bonding of unconditional love from the horses that act like gentle dogs....Getting to know your best friend who gallops towards you upon hearing your voice is like a long lost friend looking for you....And to Gunner the on duty welcoming dog as your first greeter upon arrival. I encourage anyone to give it a try.

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