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SWR  in  Community

At SWR we believe that authentic connections are integral to creating healthy communities.

We accomplish more when we partner together.

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SWR in  the News

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October 2021 

Newspaper Article ~

Spirit's Whisper Ranch connects with Open House Visitors

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October 2021 

Newspaper Article ~

Spirit's Whisper Ranch offers support for PTSD

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Sept 2019 

Speaker at MoMonday Waterloo Chapter

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Sept 2017

Trillium Grant supports 

Community Options for Justice program @ SWR

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June 2017

 2nd Hearts for Hooves Jamboree Fundraiser


Rogers TV ~ Tillsonburg Brenda Pearce


Oxford Empowered 

Brenda Pearce

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July 2015

Kristi Rockley inducted into 

Canadian Tug-of-War Hall of Fame

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June, 2015

Youth Justice Advocacy Program

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May 2014

E-Factor Radio: Interview with Kristi

Brenda Pearce tracks

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2012 , 2013 +++

Experience Elgin County & St. Thomas Visitor's Guide 

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SWR Connections

Working together creates synergy and empowerment.

Community Options for Justice - Oxford County

Community Options For Justice

Woodstock Police
~ Youth Camps

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Canadian Mental Health Association


Marie Dean Horse Protection Initiative Canada


The Harmony Collection

Harmony Events Logo Image only_edited.jpeg

Chippewas of the Thames ~ Youth Camp

Chippiwas of the Thames Logo.png

Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services

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Pillar Non-Profit Network


Spirit of Horse Gallery

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