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We welcome you to
Spirit's Whisper Ranch!

When our heart speaks AND we listen, then we can find our true self.


Hear Kristi tell her story of leaving

her dream career of Policing, 

to follow the Call of a Horse,

which led to the creation of 

Spirit's Whisper Ranch.

She now invites others to stand

in their own authenticity and to


along side a horse partner.

 Personal experience of the life-saving and life-enhancing impact of horses on her own life

motivated Kristi to establish Spirit's Whisper Ranch (SWR). 


Spirit's Whisper Ranch a healing oasis, a unique space designed specifically to provide a high level

of care, healing and growth opportunities for horses and humans.

Kristi brings a wealth of skills, life experiences and diversified trainings to Spirit's Whisper Ranch from her accomplishments as an International Athlete, a well-respected Police Officer and Trainer,

and a certified Equine Specialist Practitioner with the TA Method,

and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) facilitator,

She is committed to the highest level of integrity and excellence in all she does.

At the heart of Spirit's Whisper Ranch is a desire to promote wellness and growth opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations.

Our Mission:

Spirit's Whisper Ranch creates and offers wellness and growth opportunities for individuals and organizations through facilitated and self-guided experiences in partnership with horses.

Our Vision:

Spirit's Whisper Ranch's nature oasis is a safe, inviting space for people to come and "be" ~ whether learning, healing or celebrating. We embrace the opportunity to support your journey and to share in your story.

Through Horse-Guided Wellness experiences, Spirit's Whisper Ranch encourages people to be courageous, embrace their true, authentic self and live from the integrity of the heart.

The disabling effects of PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury) on many First Responder and Military Personnel are well documented. 

A major priority at Spirit's Whisper Ranch is to support these heroes by offering  post-traumatic-growth-opportunities.

Spirit's Whisper Ranch Horseshoe & Boots Logo
Kristi and horse named Spirit at Spirit's Whisper Ranch

Meet Kristi

Kristi rowing - Spirit's Whisper Ranch

Kristi embraces challenge

with courage, and considers

learning and personal-discovery

to be an ongoing,

life-long journey.

Kristi in Police uniform - Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi in Police gear - Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi wearing medals earned at World Police & Fire Games - Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi pulling in Tug-Of-War - Spirit's Whisper Ranch

Kristi's passion for rowing developed in her early teen years and led to a wide range of opportunities and experiences.

From her introduction to The Henley (a world-renowned regatta in Ontario, Canada) as a novice rower, to winning gold medals at The Henley and later at The World Police and Fire Games in Melbourne, Australia and Calgary, Canada, Kristi developed focus,

self-discipline, and commitment. 

She competed in Singles, Pairs, Doubles, Fours, Eights, plus ergometer competitions. 

Participating in a fundraiser bus-pull inspired a new passion ~

Tug-of-War! Kristi joined and pulled with the Waterloo Regional Police Men's Tug-of-War team, making her the first female to pull in the Ontario Tug-of-War League. This passion eventually led Kristi to compete in The Tug-Of-War World Championships in Slaharan, Netherlands, and to her recognition as the first female puller inducted into the Canadian Tug-Of-War Hall of Fame.

A dedicated Police Officer and Police Trainer for near 20 years,

Kristi excelled in and loved her dream career.

She explored and specialized in many areas of Police Service, and took a variety of trainings, courses, and workshops throughout North America, plus earned diverse instructor qualifications.

Kristi is well-versed in researching, creating, and presenting reality-based experiences and instructional workshops, lectures, and conferences.

Kristi was able to combine her love of sport and policing when she was selected to be a member of the security team for the

1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Kristi worked on the Security Team at Olympics - Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi repelling down a building - Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Event at Spirit's Whisper Ranch

In 2008 Kristi heard and responded to the call of a horse named Spirit. As she followed her heart and took a leap of faith, Kristi followed

her horse and discovered a different and unique way to be of service.

This new direction of study and focus, has led Kristi to a variety

of trainings and certifications regarding animals, healing and trauma.

She understands and trusts the depth and power of the horse-human connection. Horse-Guided Learning allows the truth and wisdom of the horse to lead us home to self.

Spirit's Whisper Ranch

was created to be a safe space,

dedicated to helping people help themselves,

as they choose positive change in their life.

Kristi wishes everyone could experience

the unconditional love and empowerment

that comes from


alongside a horse partner. 

Barnyard and horses at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi and horse named Spirit Standing-6-Feet-Strong

An effective instructor, coach, facilitator and mentor, Kristi encourages and challenges individuals and groups, to have the courage to be their authentic selves and to live with integrity.

Spirit's Whisper Ranch Logo sketch

Our logo horse image is by artist Kim McElroy

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