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Spirit's Whisper


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What might your Event Look like at SWR?

SWR as a Host Location

  • programs, trainings or classes

  • private celebrations

  • in the Round Up Room or Arena

  • outside surrounded  in nature

  • yoga, reiki, etc. (inside the Round-Up Room or with the horses)

  • group paint events

  • Service-Dog Training

  • Kids Camps

  • Business meetings or get-aways

SWR  Event  Centre

  • Weddings, Engagements & Anniversaries

  • Fundraising Events

  • Corporate Retreat Days

  • Family Reunions

  • Seasonal Celebration Parties

  • Business Awards Celebrations


SWR   Horse-Guided Learning

​Choose your Experience!

  • Individual Experiences

  • Family Connections

  • Group Adventures

  • Corporate Team-Building

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Booking at SWR

  • Rental Pricing: half-day, full day and multi-day rates.

  • Create "hang-out with the herd" time for your participants.                                                                                         Digest a few tidbits of horse-wisdom with Kristi, OR , choose full Horse-Guided Learning Experiences, while onsite.

  • Local Catering and Lodging Connections available.

Corporate Team-Building: 

  • Learn to Feel, Trust & Grow your team into an energized, creative success!

  • To thrive and expand in today's highly competitive business world, successful teams require: clear, effective communication skills; healthy boundaries; and integrity and trust among its members.

  • Challenge your team with an unparalleled growth experience along side our herd. Gain both individual and collective results as team members unite and manifest success together. This growth will benefit the performance, production and prosperity of your business.

  • Let us create a custom Horse Guided program for your unique team today.

  • Also, consider holding your next team meeting at our peaceful, inspiring facility.

Some Programs and Classes hosted at SWR

Project Trauma Support (PTS) Events


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K-9 Country Inn Service Dog Trainings


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Readings by Diane


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SWR   as a host location

Are you a practitioner looking for a healing space to host your classes or program?

We offer hourly rates, which can include 3 options of interaction with the horses before your event begins.

Are you looking for a beautiful natural location for a personal or corporate day event?

We offer half-day and daily rentals which can include 3 options of interaction with the horses.

Are you hosting a multi-day retreat, and looking for a location

We offer retreat --, which can include 3 options of interaction with the horses.


Hosted Group Activities

~Small Group 

~Corporate Activities

~ Retreats

~ Private events

Take advantage of our large indoor arena & sprawling fields

bring your next business meeting to SWR and escape the confines of the office 

SWR is available as a host site for many styles of events from wholistic health practices to retreats to private events.

Either outside in nature, or inside our conference room or  arena, there are many potential spaces which will accommodate a variety of group activities and sizes.

Contact us to see how we can meet your group's needs,


to enquire about joining an upcoming class being offered by one of our SWR Friends.

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SWR Horse Guided Learning


Horse Guided Learning and Healing

Learn to Feel, Trust & Grow your dreams

into reality!

Horses help us see and experience the world in an authentic way.

They provide instant feedback to us without judgment, ego or attachment to the outcome. What we discover and experience in relationship with our horse partner is immediately transferable into our daily life without them.

All exercises are done on the ground in a controlled setting.

Initiate positive change in your life today!

Contact us to book




(focus on Leadership-Teamwork-Communication)


Our Individual Horse Guided Healing sessions are 1.5hr in length and are

co-created with you,

focusing on your intentions and goals.


Each Individual session is  $175 plus HST.

With a commitment and pre-booking of 4 sessions, the cost is $150 plus HST.

Family and Group Activities can vary in length and focus

SWR as an Event Centre


Facility for Events

     - Private or Corporate

Whether setting up for casual interactions or more focused activities, the flexibility of the Round-Up Room provides a work space, which still allows the herd to be a part of the group.

Contact us to see how we can meet your group's needs,


to enquire about joining an upcoming class being offered by one of our Partner Friends.