Horse Guided Learning & Healing

Choose to be an active participant in your personal and professional life!

Experience Horse Guided Healing experiences, sessions and programs designed to:

clarify goals, focus intention, develop intuition and create an energetically compassionate space for healing,

growth and transformation to occur!

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Herd Time

Do you want to meet a horse up close and never had the opportunity?

Our SWR Herd loves to do meet and greet sessions!

Come out and learn about ranch life and horses, as you meet and interact with our herd of majestic horses and fun loving dogs. Breathe in nature at it's best as you relax in our peaceful environment and experience living in the moment.

1-to-1 Experiences

Learn to Feel, Trust & Grow your dreams into reality!

Horses help us see and experience the world in an authentic way.

They provide instant feedback to us without judgment, ego or attachment to the outcome. What we discover and experience in relationship with our horse partner is immediately transferable into our daily life without them.


Our Horse Guided Healing sessions are 1.5hr in length and are co-created with you, focusing on your intentions and goals. To gain the greatest benefit from this experiential learning process, a commitment to 3 initial sessions is recommended.

Initiate positive change in your life today!

Family Connections

Learn to Feel, Trust & Grow together!

A family dynamic is a living, evolving and powerful force that is very similar to a horse herd. Deepen your family connection as together you learn to: refine communication skills, remove barriers, create healthy boundaries, take ownership of choices, and much more; through fun, healing and inspiring adventures with our herd family.


Our Horse Guided Healing family sessions are 2hrs in length and are crafted to materialize healthy collective and individual outcomes.

Business & Team Adventures

Learn to Feel, Trust & Grow your team into an energized, creative success!

To thrive and expand in today's highly competitive business world, successful teams require: clear, effective communication skills; healthy boundaries; and integrity and trust among it's members.


Challenge your team with an unparalleled growth experience along side our herd. Gain both individual and collective results as team members unite and manifest success together. This growth will benefit the performance, production and prosperity of your business.


Let us create a custom Horse Guided Healing program for your unique team today.

Also, consider holding your next team meeting at our peaceful, inspiring facility.

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