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Spirit's Whisper Ranch herd members 

are each unique, yet weave beautifully together as a family,

as they support people on their healing journeys back to their authentic self.

Our Founding Horse


spirit coming home.jpg

When I met Spirit,


to my heart & invited me to


with him.

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Our Herd Today



Our founding horse

Born in 2005, SPIRIT was sent to auction in North Dakota at the age of 6 months.

His lineage is a pedigree line of championship  

cutting horses, some recognized in Halls-Of-Fame,

and one whose special story is known and celebrated

in song and video, as she heroically survived life

against all odds.

(Poco Lena & Doc Bar are his paternal

great-grandmare & sire: ).

Spirit moved to his new home in Colorado,

where he was being forcefully broken too early

as a cutting horse. He suffered physical injuries.

He was 3 when this spirited Quarter Horse came home to start our herd at SWR. Spirit is the connection thread unifying our herd family, the social director and comic relief, and a skilled peace-keeper. Spirit enjoys reminding people to laugh, to play like a child sometimes, and don't take yourself too seriously.


ANUKIS is a 22 year old Egyptian Arabian horse.

A local gal, she was born and has lived in Oxford-Elgin Counties her entire life. Anukis came to SWR at 10 years of age. Her Arabian  strength helped her overcome some initial health issues. Anukis means ‘’embrace’’, which is how she lives, holding heart-space for others.

Anukis is all about connection and family.

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NIAL exudes quiet wisdom. Born in 2006,

in Indiana, this Clydsdale is as gentle as he is big and a friend to all. ‘Laird NIAL of Y Knaught’ was rescued from starvation and neglect to a rescue. From there he called me to him. Nial came home

to SWR at the age of 4. He has the hugest heart that he wears on his sleeve. He is a curious character and loves figuring out puzzles, such as how to open the house door to let himself in for a visit, or how to sneak into the stored hay in the middle of the night. His dinner-plate-sized feet make the ground thunder, yet his messages are ever-so-gently whispered on the heart.

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Elegant Lady

Elegant Lady - affectionately known as EL -  is an 18 year old Canadian Draft Horse, and our current herd leader. Originally from northern Ontario,

she galloped home to SWR in 2013.  EL embodies her breed's trait of being 'the little iron horse' -

or NOT so little in her case.

She is as tough as nails when she needs to be,

but her huge compassionate heart is definitely

one of her superpowers. EL loves to ignite

the lead mare energy within women, and to model authentic leadership skills and boundaries for all.

Elegant Lady.webp
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From Nova Scotia, GRACIE is a force of nature whose personality mirrors her championship breeding lines. Born in 2016, this Clydesdale lassie came home to SWR at 8 months of age.

Who knew that being born with a slight twist in her leg would lead to a change in fate,

redirecting her from the show world

to the healing world. Gracie is all about opportunity and perseverance. She exudes confidence, empowerment and 'saucypantsness'.

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Hercules ~ HERC ~  embodies the role of the grounded elder.

This 20 year old Spotted Draft horse is a local native, who after a move to eastern Ontario, came home to SWR in 2018.

He immediately thrived in his new-found purpose within the herd. 

Herc’s quiet strength and fortitude

make him a natural to help people process grief and trauma.


But look out if you have a piece of liquorice hidden in your pocket. 

Herc will demonstrate the power of

his mythical name and shift the earth’s axis to ensure the spoils are his.

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Our herd baby, BLU, was born in 2017, in Nova Scotia. He is the younger half brother to Gracie, where the family resemblance is undeniable.

He came home to SWR in 2019.

This cheeky Clydesdale lad is full of spunk

- a boundary pusher - and 100% love.

His fun and comedic nature shows his youth.


He reminds everyone, horse and human alike,

to remember to connect to their inner child

and just be a kid and play.

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Starting life as a street dog in Belize,

Gunner was rescued to Canada

and found his way to SWR at the age of 1.

Gunner, now 4 years old, is a Service Dog

and a fully-registered Therapy Dog.

As the on-duty welcoming dog, he is often people’s first greeter at SWR.




Born in Saskatchewan in 2020,

Jax is a young Service-Dog-In-Training.

As a new family member to SWR,

this black lab is full of puppy energy and love.

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Hope Cat

Hope, the senior

barn cat,

is quiet and affectionate.

Hope Cat.png


Marvin, the young

barn cat,

is full of curiosity,

and a friendly

addition to SWR.


Our Herd Ancestors 

Forever In Our Hearts









Moose & Miss Clucks.webp


Moose & Miss Clucks










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