Arial view of facility at Spirit's Whisper Ranch

Welcome to Spirit's Whisper Ranch!

SWR is an inviting 100-acre nature oasis.

A beautiful location in which to host and/or experience various types of events. 

Whether your activity requires:

- acres of woods and pastures,

- a barnyard,

- a 60' round pen,

- an arena, or

- an indoor workspace with large windows

You'll find the perfect setting

at SWR!

Features of SWR

Barnyard  & Pasture

SWR  horses live together and at total liberty. They have freedom to choose  whether to be inside or out, and whether to participate in ranch activities or not.

SWR is a place where a 400lb mini horse and a 2200 lb Belgian Draft Horse have lived and played together, with ease and grace, as part of a one-herd family.

SWR pastures offer a peaceful

location for a variety of  activities

(e.g. yoga, reiki, massage,

meditation walk . . .) 


Our large steel arena (80'x160') with its sand floor, provides an open, sheltered space, that is accessible year-round.

Besides horse events and practical demonstrations,

this area has successfully housed

booth-style events and vendor displays,

fundraisers and open-houses,

problem-solving & team-building activities,

 instructional classes.

A large window wall (30' x 8' )

gives viewing access to arena events

from the comfort of

the indoor Round-Up Room.

Are you looking for

a scenic, relaxing location

for a personal or corporate event?

The Round-Up Room (651 sq ft)

offers flexible space

for casual, informal interactions,

or more upscale events.

The room converts easily

to a focused workspace,

that can be comfortably tailored

to meet various needs.

It readily accommodates the available

six 6-foot tables and 30 chairs

in various seating arrangements.

The room is further equipped with a

fridge, microwave and sink.

The guest washroom is

wheelchair/walker-size friendly.

The Round-Up Room

The Oasis

The Oasis, a park created

at the edge of the bush,

houses tree-mounted swings,

a fire pit and peaceful energy.  

This shaded feature offers a perfect spot for healing sessions, classes or just to relax and enjoy the summer breeze while watching the herd.

Forest Trails 

A bush walk has much to offer and can delight the senses in any season.

Keep your eyes open for: 

- local wildlife such as deer, wild turkey, fox;

- a wide variety of birds including hawks, eagles, blue herons, barn swallows, song birds;

- a diversity of tree and plant species native to our Carolinian forest.



A Labyrinth is being created ~ Spring 2021. 

Walking a Labyrinth quiets the mind,

opens the heart and grounds the body. 

We look forward to this new addition at SWR.


Summer 2021!

55807 Jackson Line, Straffordville 

Ontario Canada N0J1Y0

Call Us:

519 872 8800

You can help!

All Donations go toward

caring for the herd!