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Are you curious about the positive impact horses can have on both your personal and professional lives?

When we allow horses to guide us to see life through their eyes, we enter another world where existence is clear and uncomplicated. There, we can breathe more freely and sense more deeply. Horses are a divine mirror to our soul. They offer us freedom to look inward, re-connecting us to our authentic self. What we feel is what they see and mirror back to us.


Horse Guided Learning & Healing is a powerful and profound, yet gentle journey of self-discovery through relationship. There is you, your horse partner and the present moment. Awakening our ability to "hear" the language of the horse allows us to understand ourselves in an entirely new way. This understanding quietly transforms our lives as the horses make conscious for us what was unconscious. They help us find the truth within ourselves. Learn about yourself and the impact you make on your environment and the world. Identify and enhance personal strengths, while conquering limitations.


Kristi and her herd family are passionate about empowering others to find health, vitality and inner peace. Together, they cultivate engaging and transformational growth opportunities for individuals, families, groups and businesses; as they demonstrate the unbridled potential available to us when we: live in the moment, speak our truth, truly listen and don't get attached to outcomes.


Adopt some "horse-sense" along side Kristi's herd;  as you acquire appreciation and understanding for that in life which can only be experienced, not explained.

Through facilitated interactions & experiential

self-discovery, you will learn to identify and enhance

personal strengths while conquering limitations.

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