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Kristi & horse 'EL' Standing-6-Feet-Strong


Spirit's Whisper Ranch and double rainbow

Spirit's Whisper Ranch

This nature oasis ranch setting is an ideal location for casual or upscale events of any size.

Offering year-round indoor and outdoor facilities,

Spirit's Whisper Ranch 

is a venue of choice for both private and corporate events.

Inquire how our horses might be incorporated into your event


Come and get a good dose of "horse-sense" through a Horse-Guided Learning Experience.

Whatever you are planning, connect with us and see how SWR can make your event

a memorable, unique experience!

Did you know horses can have a

positive impact on your life?

Do you have the courage

to look in the ''mirror''?

Horse and Human connecting face to face

The journey of self-discovery - finding your authentic-self -

 requires courage and integrity and is very empowering!

Partner with the SWR herd,

be open to positive changes in your life


Dog 'Ozzie' in fence boards at Spirit's Whisper Ranch

Embrace YOUR life today . . . with intention, wholeness & authenticity!

People outside doing yoga at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
People working in the Round-Up Room at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
A circle of people drumming at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Kristi and horse named Spirit at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Seminar in the horse run-in at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Booth set up in the horse arena at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Event at Spirit's Whisper Ranch
Event at Spirit's Whisper Ranch

SWR as YOUR Host

Participate in our group activities

or host your own

in the welcoming,

peaceful environment of SWR!

Our year-round facility

offers indoor and outdoor options

for classes, trainings and programs.

Are you a practitioner looking for

a healing space to host your

sessions, classes or programs?

Our 'Round-Up Room' is a flexible space for casual interactions and will comfortably accommodate

30 people with tables and chairs.

Large windows grant views

of the horses, healing nature, 

and into the arena.

Is your business looking to escape

the confines of the office for a day?

Outside facilities include cleared areas, sprawling pasture land and open bush. Choose whether your activity is near

or amongst the horses.

Our 12,800 sq ft Arena provides

a naturally well-lit indoor space, 

suitable for year-round events.

Are you a horse clinic practitioner

looking for a riding event location?

We look forward to hosting You!

Horse-Guided Learning Experiences

Horse-Guided Learning Experiences

are powerful and profound,

yet they offer a gentle journey

of authentic self-discovery

through relationship with a horse.

All it takes is you - your horse partner -

and the present moment.

Choosing to connect with horses allows us to understand ourselves in new ways.

What we feel, is what horses see

and mirror back to us.

They help us find the truth within ourselves.

Horses help us see and experience the world in an authentic way. They provide instant feedback to us without judgment, ego or attachment to the outcome. 

What we discover and experience in relationship with our horse partner

is immediately transferable

into our daily life.

FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) is a leading-edge modality. 

It involves the horses’ willing participation,

as partners, to assist humans

in the discovery of their unbridled potential.

Kristi is a FEEL Certified Guide. 

Let her facilitate your experience at SWR.

Adopt some "horse-sense" from the herd as you acquire appreciation and understanding for that which can only be

experienced, not explained. 

All exercises are done from the ground

in a controlled setting.

No previous horse experience required!

SWR Event Centre

SWR has breathtaking scenery,

calming energy and a variety

of indoor and outdoor spaces.

It is a unique and engaging location 

that adapts to hosting a wide range of private and corporate events.

  • Engagements, Weddings,

  • Anniversaries, Family Reunions

  • Photography Location

  • Fundraising Events

  • Musical Concerts

  • Corporate Retreat Days

  • Seasonal Celebration Parties

  • Holistic Health Practices

  • Service Dog Training

  • Workshops

  • Multi-day Retreats

  • Business Meetings

  • Group Paint Days

  • Youth Camps

  • Private Parties

You plan it . . . We can host it!

SWR is THE location!

Check out our booking details to see how Spirit's Whisper Ranch can be your perfect location!


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